Grow your DSO

We understand how important growth is to our DSO customers; whether you are looking to grow knowledge, market share, revenue or build your team. We can assist with solutions bespoke to your individual business needs.

We have a number of solutions, products and services which can have a direct impact on increasing revenue within your business. Some of our most popular options are listed below:

Ivosmile is the first augmented reality app for dental treatment simulation and is an incredibly powerful tool for all members of the team who are managing patient consultations as well as patient expectations. [ Link to Ivosmile video] In addition to Ivosmile we can arrange a free trial for your group and offer training to the front-of-house team to give them the tools they need to communicate as effectively as possible whilst giving your patients all of the treatment options available to them.

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Price Advantage Agreement is an option we can offer to DSO customers which gives you access to high-quality, premium products at a transparent and defined price advantage.

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100 Series – Overview of product
The 100-series products from Ivoclar Vivadent's DSO product line are 100% based on the corresponding branded products and offer similar clinical performances especially in term of quality, esthetics and compatibility to other products. The products included in the line are below:

Download Center for 100-Series Products

Training and Education – Ivoclar Vivadent ICDEs run a variety of training and education across the globe, education is one of our core passions; We can provide all aspects of education for DSO groups from quick one minute tutorials to webinars and intensive hands on training we have it covered. We understand the complexity of training on mass for large groups and differentiating modules to cater to each learners capabilities, which is why we offer a consultation for bespoke education to DSO groups.

Need help selling your practice or group or looking for a new challenge?
Are you an independent dental clinic looking to sell to a DSO or corporate group? Or are you a Clinician that would like to join a DSO group? If so please contact us and we may be able to help.